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SpicelinkĀ™, Ansoft's physics-based electronic design automation (EDA) tool that performs electromagnetic-field simulation of 2D and arbitrary 3D structures, provides users with unprecedented levels of accuracy and confidence in the resulting circuit models. Consisting of 2D and 3D solver engines, an easy-to-use modeler, and a built-in Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis (SPICE) simulator, Spicelink provides a complete environment for modeling electronic structures. Coupling Spicelink with AnsoftLinksĀ™, a line of interfaces to industry-standard EDA tools, makes for a powerful analysis environment integrated within your existing design flow.

Key Features

  • Field Visualization
    Voltage and current levels, electric and magnetic fields, shaded, contour, and line plots
  • Circuit Parameters
    Multi-conductor capacitance and inductance matrices, admittance, and impedance values
  • SPICE models
    Coupled lossless transmission lines, coupled lossy transmission lines, dispersive transmission lines, and distributed, lumped, or multipole-accelerated Partial Element Equivalent Circuit (multi-PEEC) RLC subcircuits
  • Signal-Integrity Parameters
    Voltage and current waveforms, delays, crosstalk, characteristic impedance, differential impedance, RLCG parasitics, and ground-bounce waveforms
  • Export to: PSPICEĀ®, HSPICEĀ®, Berkeley Spice, and IBIS .pkg file format
  • Import CAD Layouts from: CadenceĀ® AllegroĀ™, Cadence APDĀ™, Avant!Ā® Encore, MentorĀ® Board StationĀ®, and ZukenĀ® CR-5000

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